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Wood is perfect place to get rid of a wood

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

While morning workout does wonders for the line of a guy, there’s another reason why this slim muscular fellow runs around the forest early in the morning, it’s not all for his fitness regime, it’s also for him to have a go at one of his favorite kinks, outdoor masturbation is not something you see often in men jerking off videos, but here we’re offering jack off guys of all types, so it’s only natural we got one that loves spanking the monkey outdoors in the forests, with clean air and natural smells around him as he tugs on his dick.

Slim shows his amazing body while jacking off

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

When we put out an ad for the making of videos featuring hot men jerking off, we got a lot of potential candidates, but this one called Slim was so fucking hot that we didn’t even want to shoot him in our studio but wanted to capture him in his natural habitat – the sun swept streets of his hood. He is a sizzling hot hunk with that hip hop style and an amazing set of muscles on his body. There is something so fantastic about this dude that I am sure that his jerking videos will blow you away.

Dude jerks off in shower

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Dude jerks off in shower2513 04

Strong man was in shower when she started jerking his dick with shower gel and he derided that this is not enough for him so he have not jerked off in shower but after shower he continued jerking off his dick and show his cum on his self.